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Debriefing Protocol

Observations for each grade level are represented by different-colored post-it notes and placed on posters of the rubric in the appropriate ranking:  Highly Competent, Competent, Approaching Competence, or Emerging. 


Principals have often requested opportunities to share review practices in order to maximize the time spent on School Review--please browse this page to see what others are doing to make school review as effective as possible.

Involve Teachers in Setting Goals: Jaime Escalante ES

"The self-assessment was done this year by the grade level. We came together as a staff and recorded everyone's responses, and had some very ...more

Debriefing Classroom Observations

  1. Create poster of each rubric category related to instruction (i.e. Intellectual Engagement, Learning Environment, Accountable Talk, Assessment)-- SEE THE PICTURE TO THE LEFT
  2. Have each team member observe classrooms, being sure to note the grade level of each class visited
  3. When the team returns to debrief, each team member writes down evidence on post-its, that are color-coded by grade level (i.e. evidence from grade level 2=blue, and grade level 3=yellow etc.). Team members can write as many post-its as they wish.
  4. Team members place each post-it on the relevant poster in the proper rating category (i.e. highly competent, competent, approaching competence or emerging)
  5. The team discusses evidence together and determines the overall rating for that rubric category
  6. The team compares and analyzes where/how each grade level ranks and engages in a rich discuss
  7. In the days following the review, the staff can then do a "gallery-walk" to discuss the findings, identify patterns, and build consensus around priorities, in order to form or revise goals and write an Implementation Plan

Tips for Involving District Representatives and Community Members: Multiple Schools

  • Communicate with them prior to the review
  • Email Pre-Review Reflection at least 3 days prior to Review Day
  • Share your ...more

If you would like to share an effective school review practice, please email julianna.coco@lausd.net

Send a brief description of your practice and attach hand-outs, work samples, or pictures.