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What are schools reviewing?

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School teams review data, observe classrooms, and perform stakeholder focus groups to assess progress and priorities.  More specifically, School Review is:

  • a reflection on the implementation of a school plan
  • a progress check of the vision and goals
  • a chance to strengthen, support, and invest stakeholders more deeply in the vision
  • an opportunity to set or reiterate goals associated with the implementation of a school vision
  • a cycle of inquiry and self-review
  • a benchmark check against the School Review Rubric
  • a data analysis, using quantitative and qualitative information gathered by stakeholders
  • an opportunity to set or reiterate goals associated with implementation (from WASC, SPSA, PSC, etc)
  • a benchmark and progress check using a rubric and the school's formative data

The process is designed to be collaborative as it includes multiple stakeholders in classroom observations, focus groups, and discussion of commendations and recommendations. It also supports schools in reinforcing or revising their goals and strategic plans.


School Review is Not:

  • a new plan or set of goals and strategies
  • related to accreditation

What is the Purpose of School Review?

  • To create the space for school teams to engage in meaningful dialogue to assess programs and strategize


  • To make schools responsive to the needs of students as indicated through multiple-data sources


  • To support school sites' communication with central and ESCs such that the district has a substantive understanding of school successes and challenges


  • To meet PSC accountability

Feedback from Participants


"...different perspectives were valuable and informative. The diversity of roles within our group enhanced the experience."


"The classroom observations were an excellent way to gauge school progress, assess student learning, and look at the quality of instruction."


"Examining our school through the lens of the rubric added clarity to the plans for progress that will guide us through our first year."