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Parents and Community Involving Off-Site Stakeholders

Involving Off-Site Stakeholders

If you are a principal and you want to involve off-site review members...


  • Communicate with them prior to the review--make sure they have the date and agenda!
    • You might even consider asking for their perspective on your agenda.
  • E-mail Pre-Review Reflection at least 3 days prior to Review Day
  • Share your goals for Review Day
  • Send a map and parking information
  • Ensure one of their observing partners knows the campus
  • Consider what you most want them to look for--how do you want to use their eyes and fresh perspective?
  • Invite representatives to introduce themselves and explain their purpose or position
  • Include district representatives and community members when filling out Review Reflection
  • Send your district representative a copy of the draft reports before final submission

If you are a guest reviewer and you want to support the school best...


  • Communicate with the principal or designee beforehand
  • Ask about the school plan and/or areas of growth
  • Remember, you are there to support the school--participate in observations and debriefing
  • Become familiar with the school review rubric.
  • Make sure you have all logistical information in advance:
    • start time/end time
    • meeting place
    • directions/campus map
  • Introduce yourself and clarify your purpose and position (if appropriate)
  • Share your perspective and expertise, and be mindful of norms
  • Think about how you can support the school in developing and implementing their plans
  • Review a draft of the report before final submission to the district (within 10 business days of the review)