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Checklists are provided to help operationalize the process; school leaders are charged with making the tasks relevant and meaningful so that schools grow and students achieve, we have provided checklists to help organize the process.

Is EVERYTHING on the Checklist?

The Checklists were created to support Review Teams. They are intended as a guide to help schools organize time, people, and review activities. The checklists do not list every possible activity, though we did attempt to cover all the main tasks to prepare for and complete successful reviews.





In the Weeks/Months Prior to School Review

  • Select Review Team
  • Set and send date(s) to Review Team, including the representative from the Central Office
  • Develop agenda for Review Day (s)
  • Complete Pre-Review Reflection
  • Gather data to share with Review Team
  • Determine debriefing protocols for review


3-5 Days Prior to Review Day

  • Create classroom observation schedule
  • Send communication to Review Team, including the representative from the Central Office
  • Pre-Review Reflection
  • Agenda
  • Parking info
  • Meeting place
  • Other documents and data to share
  • Make copies for Review Team:
    • Pre-Review Reflection
    • Classroom Observation schedule
    • Observation tool (enough copies for # of classroom visits)
    • Rules of Thumb for Collecting and Analyzing Data/Norms
    • School Review Rubric
    • School Review Rubric Summary Tool
    • Any protocols or documents you deem necessary for School Review
    • Download materials in Spanish if needed (on website under 'parents/community')
  • Plan a team builder for morning of Review Day
  • Gather chart paper, technology, markers, post-its, tape, etc
  • Plan lunch, snacks, and beverages and arrange for set-up
  • Make signs to direct participants


Review Day

  • Set up snacks, beverages, lunch, chart paper, technology, etc.
  • Hang signs directing Review Team
  • Distribute all documents—including classroom observation schedule
  • Review school data and Pre-Review Reflection
  • Observe classes
  • Debrief findings/protocol
  • Develop recommendations and commendations
  • Reaffirm or adjust goals (from SPSA, WASC, or PSC plan)
  • Develop Support Plan for each goal
  • Complete Review Reflection (all Review Team members)
  • Write as much of the Final Write-up as possible (recommended)


Within 10 Days of Review Day

  • Ensure that all required documents are complete:
  • Pre-Review Reflection (completed prior to Review Day)
  • Support Plan
  • Final Write-up
  • Review Reflection
  • Submit all required documents to Julianna Coco
  • Share findings with staff
  • Begin to refine school practice based on findings from Review Day
  • Submit budget requests
  • Complete the i3 survey from USC